New forests to be financed for 20 years

New forests to be financed for 20 years


There comes support that will finance the maintenance of new forests for 20 years. The forest owner can receive between 100 and 140 euros per hectare per year

The Secretary of State for Forests, João Catarino, says that "the owners today do not invest in the forest because it is not economically profitable for them, and they cannot continue to take money from the pension for cleaning the forest".

In the government's opinion, the state must realize that it is time to help them and raise awareness of this new opportunity, “we don't just pay for the tree planting, we will also provide support for 20 years so that this tree is maintained”.

The expansion of the simplified registration will also start from September to the entire national territory, with opening announcements of several million euros already taking place. It should be remembered that this register has the guarantee of exemption from registration fees at the conservatories.


Source: Voz do Campo, July 2020


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