Small and medium family farming under analysis - July 23

Small and medium family farming under analysis - July 23


The sixth conference of Agronomic, Food and Zootechnical Engineering, the College of Agricultural Engineering - North welcomes Agostinho Carvalho who will speak to us about the development of small and medium family farming.

What measures can be taken, immediately and in the long term, to safeguard small and medium-sized agriculture, family farming, and with it the rural world, local production, food security and sovereignty?

Is small and medium-sized agriculture essentially a political and ideological issue?

The College of Agricultural Engineering of the Order of Engineers of the North Region (OERN) organizes during the month of July a cycle of conferences totally dedicated to Agricultural, Food and Zootechnical Engineering. These conferences focus mainly on the role of agriculture and livestock in the current context of the country and the European Union and also on supply chains.


17h30 Framework and Moderation:

Divanildo Outor Monteiro, coordinator of the College of Agricultural Engineering - North

Vitor Correia, Agronomist

17h50 Intervention

Agostinho Carvalho, Agronomist

6:15 pm Questions from the public

About the guest:

Agronomist, he received his doctorate in 1984 from the Technical University of Lisbon.

He was a researcher at the Center for Agricultural Economics Studies at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, FAO's principal technical advisor and professor at the University of Algarve and at the University Institute Egas Moniz.

He is currently a retired professor.


Source: Agroportal, July 2020


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