NOP programs are models to support projects, designed to support their development in the various stages in which they are.

Projects must have some kind of relationship with the world Bio. They do not necessarily have to be agricultural, livestock or forestry projects. They can be projects that aim to develop a product, a service or a process that contributes in some way to the production, transformation or commercialization of Bio products.

There must be a strong innovative component in projects that access NOP programs. The scope of the projects must bring something new and useful to the Bio world. If it is new, but not useful, it has no market. If it is useful, but not new, it faces undesirable competitive barriers.

For projects that are in an initial development phase, with the need to add skills in view of their rapid growth, find in the program IncuBio the ideal tool for success.

R&D projects have in the program BioDeveloper the necessary support to study and develop innovative products, services or processes.

The program BioFunding aims to design the necessary financial support for projects in advanced stages of development.

All programs offer a model of fair financing, supported by diversified solutions, tailored to each project.

The financing models of the various NOP programs are ideal instruments for all promoters and investors looking for advantageous solutions for their projects or investment funds, respectively.


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IncuBio is a NOP program where projects that are in embryonic stages are developed.
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BioDeveloper is a NOP program dedicated to R&D that, through partnerships with public and private institutions, develops joint projects.
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BioFunding is a NOP program where the process of financing projects that are in more advanced stages is concentrated.
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