Program: BioFunding

Priority axis: Development of technology to increase and / or improve the efficiency of the marketing of Bio products.

The Iguaria de Shiitake project developed jointly with a promoter specialized in shiitake mushrooms. It aims to create products based on this type of mushrooms, whose characteristics are appreciated worldwide.

It is a project with great potential for growth worldwide. Shiitake delicacies started its range of products with preserves made from an old recipe and handcrafted.

The shiitake mushroom is produced organically in the farm Colina Generosa in Lardosa, Castelo Branco and certified by SATIVA (PT-BIO-03). The mushroom grows sustainably in fine oak, which gives it an unparalleled flavor. With a subtle and aromatic woody flavor it adds a unique touch to any dish. The options of flavoring with Raspberry Vinegar, Walnut Vinegar or simply White Wine Vinegar are available.


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