Program: Incubio

Priority axis: Development of technology to increase and / or improve the efficiency of the marketing of Bio products.

BIOPLATFORM is a B2B and B2C platform for business and commercialization of products and services in the organic farming sector, developed within the scope of Empreender 2020, a support program of the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Empresarial (IDE) of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The agents of the sector, from the producer to the trader, through the distributor and other companies providing related services, will be able to register their entities, services and certified organic products, allowing them to meet partners for the development of the business and the interaction between producer and final consumer.
BioPlatform allows you to find and sell certified organic products through ShopBio.

In UniversoBio (UniBio) there is a directory of public and private entities linked to the organic agri-food world.
Accessing InfoBio (InfoBio) you can find a wide list of informative articles on the organic agri-food sector, from the main world players.